meet the singing amma

ammaLisa, the singing amma, was born to a Scottish mother and a father of Icelandic-Canadian lineage.  

Lisa's strong connection to the her heritage informs her life; her writing, her music and her love of respectful, family-centred parenting and playful, child-led-learning style of education.
Lisa was born and raised on the west coast of Canada. At a young age her family moved to Salt Spring Island, a small island on Canada's south-west coast, well known for it's easy-going and back-to-the-earth lifestyle. Lisa was immediately and deeply drawn to Nature and lived through her teen years as the quintisential barefoot flower child. Growing up in this context has given Lisa great insight and first-hand experience as to the deep-seated benefits a connection with Nature can have on ones health - physical, emotonal, intellectual and spiritual - creating an overall sence well-being and joy of living.
After highschool graduation Lisa persued a career in Early Childhood Education. She brings her infinite wisdom, natural intuition and her deep connection with Nature and family heritage to merge with her passion to better the lives of children in any small way she can across our beautiful world. 


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the singing amma loves: connection with children;

parenting; grand parenting; kids in nature;

 free play; outdoor play; arts & crafts

child-led/emergent learning; 

offering practical parenting tips! 

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