The Quintessential Vínarterta Book!

My amma.
Amma mín

My amma.
Amma mín. 
Who taught me the art of 

~ an historic anthology in the making ~

about VÍNARTERTA-MAKING in your family to 

This is a project has emerged out of the great and profound interest we share as western-Icelanders - those of us of Icelandic ancestry born in North America - about our beloved vínarterta, the traditional Christmas cake our foremother's brought with them from our ancestral homeland -  Iceland

And now I am
an amma
passing on the tradition of vínarterta-making to my grandchildren.

more info about this exciting project coming soon!

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the singing amma loves: connection with children;

parenting; grand parenting; kids in nature;

 free play; outdoor play; arts & crafts

child-led/emergent learning; 

offering practical parenting tips! 

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