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amma's kitchen & apothecary under full moon in full bloom!

11:11 P.M. December 5, 2017. A fine day in amma's kitchen. An exciting day in amma's kitchen. A productive day in amma's kitchen! Amma's apothecary just went into UP-level-Action bottling up the beautiful, pure and natural, wild-crafted & organic, handmade-in-small-batches, health and personal care products that we've been using in the family for decades, with fabulous, time-tested results and many testimonials from friends and family around the world! Let me begin the story here: Though winter clouds loomed heavy in the earlier hours of the day, by mid-afternoon my spirits lifted as the sun began filtering through the forest trees outside amma's kitchen and streaming in to the apothecary-at-work station (beside my kitchen stove) where I stood, carefully pouring salve.

I glance at my clock now and it reads 11:20 - "amma time!" 1120 was my amma's street address and, every since she's been gone, whenever I see 11:20 I say a little hello, I feel her near me, I smile and know that the distance between us and those we love and have loved, is never really so very far. "Hello amma! Look at me, writing my very first blog post for the ever-so-slowly, but most definitely and surely, developing little business of mine; "the singing amma." A big, warm smile spreads across my face, knowing just how proud my amma would be. And I feel a deep resonance in my bones. There have been herbalists and healers, wise women and midwives -(or ljósmóður, in Icelandic - which translates to "light mother" - isn't that a very cool name for a midwife!) - yes, many powerful, knowledgable women have come before me in my bloodlines, from the far reaches of Scotland and Iceland. My foremothers, too, I am certain of it, have walked this path. Their ancient knowledge and wisdom is steeped in my bones, in my very cells. This I know for sure. Yesterday, late afternoon, something exciting happened - our first large shipment of glass bottles and jars, accompanied by their lids and droppers of course, arrived at amma's house. Cases, bags and boxes of them! I began to unpack them, with great enthusiasm, at once, setting them ready, these new vessels, for the grand job that would become theirs with the first light of the new day - to be the proud carriers of the singing amma's medicinals. On this new day dawning, we would move the medicines from the stored, quart-sealer, dark, cool cupboard items they have been, to handsomely packaged, enticing and inviting products which we will gladly introduce to and share with the world just as soon as they are ready, fully dressed and adorned in their new labels, and proud to come out and meet you!

So then, with the sun shining in upon us, amma's kitchen begins to gently whir and hum with the busy, oh-so-quiet sounds that come with the energy of working with herbs, creating medicinals, and a generally happy, contented, delighted production ensued.

Our herb-infused oil, which had been steeped with a fine selection of wild-crafted and organically grown fresh herbs earlier in the autumn season, is now brought out into the light of day and poured into glass pots waiting on the stovetop. There it is warmed, gently and slowly, and the dried, powdered herbs are now added. And then the coconut oil - to make it smooth and silky so that your skin drinks it up as though it has long held a great thirst for it. And the beeswax, then, just a titch, just the right amount, to help firm it up and to lend it's own healing properties to the medicinal qualities of this deep, healing balm we are concocting. And then it is time to pour this beautiful, thick and aromatic liquid, the colour of autumn sunshine, into the jars that stand at the ready. Excitement mounts! Meanwhile, across the rustic, old oak kitchen table the clicks and tappings of a computer hard at work indicates that progress is being made on the design of the new labels - the singing amma, soon to be off to a "brand" new start. New branding is a happy time!

And, then, O! Yum!

The most delectable,



deep, deeeeep moisturizing,


hands, face and body cream is now also ready to pour

- or plop, as the case may be, as this one is rather too thick to pour - into it's awaiting jar-vessels.

​Wait till you get a sniff of these! I will go more into detail

when they are all bottled

and ready for you

in the various, scents

we will have available.


y.u.m. And tomorrow it will be time to bottle up some medicinal tinctures, elixirs and herb-infused oils.

So yes!

A fine,


and very productive day

in the singing amma's kitchen! Amma's apothecary in full bloom! waahooooo!

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